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Alright, we're like a few weeks from September, and unfortunately, summer has come to an end.

So how would you rate your summer at a scale of 10?

Mine's probably a 7/10.
8 of 10

its been pretty good.
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soccer starts in two days for me

must.... have.... FUN!!!!!!

I guess I would rate mine a 7 also.
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How I'd rate my summer? Stoned and ephemeral most of all. 6/10
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Worst. Summer. Ever.
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7/10 it had an excellent start, mediocre middle, and amazing end.

did you get laid, then not get laid, then a threesome?
edit: i'd say 7/10
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I had some fun vacations: Went to San Diego for a week, and visited my family out there. Also went to visit them in North Carolina. But besides that, I did nothing but sit on my ass and play video games - which is fun - but rather unsatisfying in retrospect.
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Beginning: 6/10

Middle: 2/10

End: 8/10

Overall it was about a 6/10, some bad, some good.
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It's not over, yet.

3 more weeks to my summer.

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It's not over, yet.

3 more weeks to my summer.

Me too
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For doing about nothing all summer, I'd say 7/10. I had some pretty solid moments (smoked pot and drank for the first time , went whitewater rafting, visited my sister, and went to King's Island [damn good amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio]).
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Lesse. I had two vacations. One up to Indiana, which was awesome, and one down to Freeport (beach town), which was FREE (for me), and awesome. Seriously, beach houses are the shizz.

I'd say about 8/10. Two separate vacations, each over a week long, one of them free. Would be higher, but heartache, family medical problems, and boredom at work all suck majorly.
7 or 8 out of 10.

Couldnt have hoped to do better in my 1st year uni exams, last couple weeks of uni were great fun, good birthday week, lots of drinking and going out, reconnected with a couple old friends, seeing my best friends from home is great.

Got very drunk with my sort of ex and shagged her. Which i dont really know as to count as a good thing or not. She has a bf who she loves, but she also really likes me and i really like her and its all messed up haha.

Then the weathers been annoyingly **** for me. It seems to be the nicest weather either on days where me and my mates are stupidly hungover and so everyone just wants to stay indoors dieing a slow and painful death or when everyone has work or other commitments. Thats the main let down i think this summer.

Still have visiting various uni friends + reading festival to go, plus scotland for 2 weeks in september too though.
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For doing about nothing all summer, I'd say 7/10. I had some pretty solid moments (smoked pot and drank for the first time , went whitewater rafting, visited my sister, and went to King's Island [damn good amusement park in Cincinnati, Ohio]).

Mine was about a 7, I don't remember the first half so it must've been pretty good.
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all of it's gone surprisingly well actually.
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3/10. the warped tour was the only good thing about my summer.
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8/10. I didn't go to any beaches or amusement parks so it kinda sucked. But rock n' roll, sex, and football made it fun.

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Let's see...I was very busy most of the time keepin a job, and then going to band practice and having to tiptoe around the psycho lead singer's feelings, getting ready to go to college, and then breaking up with a girlfriend because of the 8 hour distance between colleges

But at the same time its been awesome I cant wait to get up to A&M!

8/10. It was a 10/10 up until a couple weeks ago.
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Decent start, bad middle, alright end. There's been like no parties going on where I live.

7/10 so far.
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7/10. Not really what I was expecting, but there were a few nice surprises and I was kept reasonably entertained, overall. Could've easily been a 9, maybe 10, if things had gone a little differently, though
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