Im looking for a Fender that isnt to expensive and this one caught my eye. It just looks like a BEAST!!! I am looking at buying it but i just dont know how it sounds. Im not sure if the pick ups on it will work great either. I play a lot of Punk Rock, a lot of blink 182, rise against and the occasional metal band. So if any one knows if this guitar will or will not work for me please tell me. Or recommend another fender please.
It's alright, but the Fender Deluxe Lone Star and Power Strats don't cost much more and are much better guitars.

The Lone Star has two Texas Special single coils and a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Plus humbucker instead of the three Tex-Mex models in the usual Deluxe HSS. Texas Special pickups are from the Fender Custom Shop line and are overwound singlecoils with special attention paid to winding the pickups to get smoother bass response than you normally get with single coil pickups; the Tex-Mex pickups are generic overwound single coils. The Pearly Gates Plus is a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickup with the Alnico II magnet swapped for an Alnico V magnet for a little more output and 'bite'. It's got a lot of midrange so it has great definition while compensating for the Strat's usually very bright bridge tone. Meanwhile the Tex-Mex humbucker in the normal Deluxe HSS is, like with the single coil versions, just a generic over wound balanced humbucker. There's not much wrong with the Tex Mex pickups - Jimmy Vaughan has them in his signature guitar - but general consensus is the Texas Specials are better and the Pearly Gates Plus is after all a proper Seymour Duncan aftermarket pickup and not some generic in-house model like the Tex Mex humbucker is.
I own a Lone Star Strat myself, so maybe I'm biased, but it really is very, very good and well worth the extra bit of money over the normal Deluxe HSS.

Then there's the Deluxe Power Strat, which is the same as the normal Deluxe HSS Strat but it has a Fishman powerbridge. Quite frankly, this bridge holds tune a bit better than the normal Deluxe bridge does (honestly, the bridge used on the other Deluxe models is so bad you're going to have to lock and block it down if you want to stay in tune more than 30 seconds - forget using it as a vibrato), and this bridge also uses active electronics to let you blend in acoustic-like tones with your regular tones. This does mean once or twice a year you're going to have to take the pickguard off the guitar and stick a new battery in, but that's not hard and it's a great and very useful feature anyway.
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its a great guitar... its my main axe

i changed the tex mex to a super distortion(dual tone) now its perfect
i play punk, classic rock, modern rock
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You should get the fat strat and then buy the duncan seymor invader pickup so you can get that Tom Delonge (Blink 182) sound