I have never written lyrics before so I dont know how good this will sound but here it is anyways:


(Verse 1)
We are the creatures of the night
Stalking prey for the next bite
What I want is what you need
Come a little closer so I can feed

(Verse 2)
We shed our tears in the dark
Drinking for that extra spark
When I pass by birds crow
Looking the the mirror reflection wont show

(This is where the chorus would be)

(Verse 3)
Lock your doors and hide in fear
for dusk is almost here
All thoughts in my mind are black
As I stuff your body in a sack

(Verse 4)
Your blood is what I crave
I'll take it from you from the grave
As I'm drinking from your vein
I hope you feel all the pain

(This would be Verse 5)

(Then Chorus X3)


This is all I have so far. I am still working on 1 or 2 more verses and a chorus (I have an idea in mind for it but I dont know) but yeah. It could either be slower for darkish feel or faster for a punkish sound. Any thoughts?
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GRRRRR! You must be terrifying in real life.
Better than Jesus, Megatron and T-Rex combined.

(. Y .)(. Y .)
- ) . ( - ) . (
- \ v / - \ v /

This ^ is why I'm right.
I never quite understood what made a vampire a vampire before now. What they craved, how they saw each other. How they see themselves in the mirror. Very in depth. Two thumbs up... the ass.

Really, I'm failing to see the purpose, or what's really being put across with this peice. It seems to have been written for the sake of writing it. Try something a little more in depth next time.
Actully it does have some purposes other than just to write it. Care to explain some more? Or any tips?
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