im taking a plane tomorrow, its about an hour long trip. but of course as is my luck i got an ear infection today its totally clogged up. i just saw the doctor and he said it will just be really painful and to make sure to equalize pressure in my ears. he said to chew gum yawn and to do the valsalva maneuver. the last one he said is a must. i really dont want to do it because i have some real ear problems it causes me a ****load of pain do to do it and i dont want to have to do that on a plane with an ear infection. encase it ruptures the ear drum or something else just as horrible. is there anyone here who has been on a plane and can give me some suggestions on what else i can do? or how much the pain would actually be from the plane?
I ruptured an ear drum once...had a really bad ear infection...it HURT REALLY BAD!
Thought this was another terrorism thread <.<
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