Alright, so I just got back from 7-11, and I'm wondering, What is the Pits favorite slurpy flavor combo?

Rockingedit: You people actually just gave me an idea. The next time you hit a 7-11, try one of the ideas mentioned here, preferably not one you're familiar with. You might just find something you like
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depends what they have on the given day.... if i mix, i tend to stay away from Coke because it doesn't mix with anything other than wild cherry.

most of the time i mix 2 or 3 fruity flavors
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I like to mix all the sour flavors
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damn it. now i want one. but no slushee-bearing convenience store near me is open right now
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The Coke flavor, juuuust the Coke flavor...
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This was my artistic moment the other month:

Mandarine, sour apple, creaming soda and (I forgot what purple was), it all tasted pretty damn good!

Otherwise just plain Pepsi Samba.
Coke and Cherry.
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all 4 in the store

unless you have one of the holy 8 flavor stores
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The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones
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Coke and Cherry.

Damn you! I was going to say that. Best combo ever.
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i just mix whatevers there, i got an insider so i gets it for free
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I'd have to say cum and blood.

Pina Coloda and Cherry?

Next time I go to the 7-11 with Pina Coloda, I will mix the two and call it Ice Cum Blood. I will proceed to tell the checkout person .
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7-11's are banned where i live :[
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