Title says it all, I do some really ****ty improv at the end of the solo, ignore that.

Besides that tell me what you think, you liked it? you didn't like it? something can be changed? You like your eggs overeasy? Whatever. Gives me tips and stuff like that you may have

I will crit your vid if you just leave me the link to your thread with the comment

Man, this is really impressive! The recording quality is a lot better than most metal stuff on here and the playing rocks! This is one of my favorites by them to start with and you did a really good job. One tiny suggestion is to work on the intonation when you go down to the low e string at around the minute mark and a little after. It seems that you bend it just slightly, sending it out of tune a bit. Other than that minor detail, this is awesome! And I love how you rocked the hell out at like 5:15. Rock and roll man.

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Very good indeed ! Some parts I'd rather play down-picked, but that's just me. Solos are perfect, you definetely took your time nailing them. And improv is good, bit of Dave Mustaine vibe there. Excellent job !
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Everything sounded perfect, especially the solo! What are you using to record ? love the tone.

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For recording I ran my guitar through a digitech rp50 straight into the computer and recorded it using garageband
I think all the rhythm playing is tight, perfectly in time, good sound, good technique. Actually your playing is so in sync with the track, I kind of forgot I was supposed to crit your playing and just started grooving to the tune up until the solo, where things got a little messy with all the shredding from you and the track stepping on each other's toes.

I know you said to ignore it, but the beginning of the improv of was disastrous lol, although I did like that shreddy thing you did towards the end of it.

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The only thing that it sounds like you could use a little work on would be picking a little bit more cleanly. It sounded as if you were picking faster than you should have been. Not a huge problem though, I'm pretty sure I do that all the time. Great Cover.