This is my dads 60 year old acoustic guitar. Maybe even older. I assume it was made in Italy due to a stamp on the back of the headstock. Its missing some inlays, but what is unique about it is that it has a zero fret which is very traditional. I want to restore it. Ive been playing guitar for about 7 years, mostly electric, but dont want to buy a new acoustic. This guitar has some sentimental value to my dad and i want to fix it also for him. There are no holes in it. The body is in very good condition, exception of the bridge which moves up and down. Maybe this is how u can adjust string height and tension. Here are some pics.
Stewmac has the right size inlays, i think.

You could probably glue the bridge down, re-finish the body, or just touch it up. I'd also suggest considering a refret, just to be sure.
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There is nothing wrong with the bridge. That is a very common thing on that style of instrument. Just have to make sure it's in the right position when it is restrung.
Stewmac is that a online company? The frets are good. I took it yesterday to a guitar shop and he filed down some of the frets on the sides cause there were a bit rough and straighten the neck. He said its common for old guitars to be a little rough. He also said that the bridge is not the original but was put on the guitar a long time ago cause it was old. He refiled the nut and the bridge.
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Yes, stewmac.com
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