Well, I have been playing Bass & Guitar on and off for the past 3 years nonchalantly and recently decided to get serious, taken a few guitar and a few bass lessons and have been playing a lot and decided I should upgrade basses soon. I really am interested and ER basses, 5 string, 6 string, possibly fretless. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to tap well... And for that I don't just need the Low-B I need the higher strings to achieve ultimate success in this. 4 string doesn't offer much in tap play. Heh.

Right now, my best bass is a Squire P bass. Gear is NOT a problem, I have gear and a studio, blah blah. :P

I was looking at the Ibanez SR500 series, and saw they make 4, 5, and fretless.
I also noticed the SR506 got pretty nice reviews and I was interested in a 6 string as well.

I really want to get a Ibanez SR because my first bass was of the Ibanez GSR series and it was nice... I really like the Squire P, has nice tones so I was going to look at a Fender but way too pricey... I am open to suggestions.

As long as the price doesn't break $600 I am cool.
Thanks so much UG!

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The sr300 is good
the 500 series is very nice.
I love SRs and highly recommend them.

As for Fenders, what about MIM? They're good instruments and not as expensive.
Or a Squire VM? (I think)

What would you be looking to play with it?
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Squier VM series is on par or very close to fender.

Personally my SX bass feels alot better then some fenders i've played but SX is a hit or miss brand, i'm probably just really lucky.
Really into Prog rock/metal. Post-Hardcore. But if I had a 6 I would definitely try some kind of proggresive improv bass/keys/percussive stuff.

(BTW: i edited not the SR300 i mean 500 i got 503 mixed up with 300 some how...)