i recently purchased a used Ampeg V7 Tube amp head.

firstly i took it in to get the tubes replaced as the tubes that came with it sucked.

i put in four svetlana power tubes and kept the original preamp tubes because the tech said they were still in good order.

after a week i got my amp back and played it for a good day or two and got ready for a show.

anyway, at the show during my bands first song, the amp stopped making sound. the tubes looked fine and everything was on and working, just no sound.

i borrowed another head, and the show went on.

later i turned it on and played for about 15 minutes and poof, no sound again.

the day before the show i had a hint of burning but didn't think much of it as it seemed to go away.

anyone have any idea whats up?
its my first tube amp, so i'm still getting my grips with everything.
I had this problem with my xxx, could be the ht fuse blown, or a blown resistor which whta happened to me.
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You're blowing a fuse.

The tubes aren't biased right or are sucking too much power because one is damaged or weak.
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