Hi guys just got my new Squier Standard HSS in black.
Plz suggest some what tone options on the 5way switch and how u use the tone knobs effectively to get diff sound?
i'm experimenting but can find much variety on the 2 single coils.

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Oh and congrats on your first electric
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For a start:
Position 5: bridge pup (the humbucker)
Position 4: bridge and middle
Position 3: middle pup
Position 2: middle and neck
Position 1: neck pup

5 works well for high gain riffing, nice for all sorts of metal/punk/modern rock. 4 gives you a typical funk tone when using your amp's clean channel. 3 is quite versatile, anything from a half-assed country tone to AC/DC type crunch can be done. 4 is often used for funk (just like 2), but it's great for clean picking for all types of ballads or whenever you need a mellow tone. Nice for jazz (imo). 5 is excellent for cleans (think RHCP) and will get you great tones for stuff like blues and '60s/'70s rock (think Hendrix).

Your amp and effects processor aren't too great, but for starting out, they're good enough. Don't go too crazy with the gain or your tone will become a muddy mess, especially when using any of the single coils.

Naturally, this is by for not all there is to say, but it'll get you started.