I'm not a "new member", per se, but i'm not the most season user, so i come to you with a question.

About 6-7 days ago, I got a warning. I noticed this when i looked on the "Criminal Status" Widget on the Home page. I was curious as to why i got the warning and who i got it from, so i went to my email. I checked both my Standard Email and my Spam, Trash, etc., but to no avail.

My question is, Because i have the widget up, does it negate my getting the message from the mods concerning my warning?
Widget information is in addition to the normal email system, not a replacement.

Click the Edit Options link in your control panel.
There must be a checkmark in the box next to: Receive Email from Administrators
else you won't receive an email.

Click the Edit Email & Password link in your control panel.
This will indicate the address your notice was sent to. Is this the same account you checked?

Most email providers delete email in your junk mail folder after a week.

If you still can't find the email, post again.
Perhaps a Mod will copy / paste the details from your warning info to a PM for you?
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Yeah, just check your email or PM a mod about it, theyre more than happy to help.
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Ok, I couldn't find it. I'll PM a mod about it. I looked, and the Email listed is the one connected to my UG account., and i had the "Get Email from the Administrators" button checked.