Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I couldn't find another sub-forum that fit better. I am a casual electric guitar player and i've been playing for a while, nothing fancy, just learning and messing around for a few years as a hobby. My mother pulled this acoustic guitar out of the attic a few years ago and I played on it a little. I always just assumed it was a crappy little guitar, but just today one of my friends said he had heard of the company before. I did a little searching and the guitar was built in 1971, surprisingly because it looks brand spankin' new. I was going to try to sell it, but i have no idea what to ask for it or even if it is worth any money at all. Does anyone know where i could find some information on this guitar? I couldn't find jack when i tried.

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i hate to just throw it out or give it away 'cause it's damn near 40 years old and is still on it's second set of strings!
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The value of the guitar depends on a lot of things. For example, I have a 1971 Fender Telecaster. While everything was vintage (I'm not concerned about the strings) it was rather high in value but I still replace the back humbucker with a DiMarzio. It had a natural finish which cracked as it aged, to many collectors this is good because it shows road wear and might actually increase value. It can also add as a sign that the finish is original. As the wood ages it hardens which leads to higher resonance and a better sound. So with most collectors, are they looking for something to play or look at? I still practice, record and gig with my Tele so I look more for playability in an older guitar.
A lot of appraising is based off of recent auction prices. The flaw with that is each piece is different and can't fetch the same price as others. I would start with looking on auction sites starting with Ebay and just checking others by googleing " recent auction guitars" and try to look for your model, similar date, similar imperfections, ect. This is really how you'd get a rough estimate without a real apraiser or if the manufacturer was big enough they might have published a value book (Fender and Gibson brands do). Unfortunately an estimate is the best you can do even with an appraiser cause so many factors come into play, and the free market is always gonna dictate the price.

So pick if it's worth getting fixed if needed whilekeeping origonal for those who want to seal it away in a case. Or see if you should make it as playable as you can for the other type and see if you have any takers. DO NOT TAKE IT TO GUITAR CENTER AND TRY TO SELL IT TO THEM. I brought mine in for ****s and giggles to see what they'd give me and they offered $600. I checked online and shopped around and last time I checked I could probably find someone willing to pay around $1500 or more. I depends who's buying so do a bit of reseach on auction sties.
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