ok so im satisfied with all ur help! for those who have read my threads i've been asking for help about the gaps in my guitar knowledge and now im satisfied. well now i believe its time i learned a song (metalcore genre) but im not sure what song to start with? any suggestions? i have three bands so far ppl has recommended arsis. at the gates. and as i lay dying. but what song? any suggestions? leave a link to youtube if u can get one so i can hear the song. any suggestions would be great
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Its not metalcore but a good starting song is "Only Ash Remains" by Necrophagist.
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My first song was the intro to Raining Blood but if you really want to waste your time with metalcore I'd go for My Curse by Killswitch Engage or Unholy Confessions by Avenged Sevenfold.
dude, bad idea. learn ALL your chords and scales then you might wanna try metalcore.

thats like trying to play dream theater's panic attack or test that stumped them all when you cant even form a simple g chord.

now i would recommend something like some led zeppelin, aerosmith, or heart. for the more metal genre try some black sabbath, smashing pumpkins, or some iron maiden.
System of a Down is okay beginning metal stuff if you can tremolo and shy from the solos.
I like to use a lot of Slipknot's Vol. 3 album for easier-yet still challenging metal riffing for my students. Dissection Storm of the Lights Bane is a must have album for metal guitarists. Its black metal but its great for building chops. I used it with students and I still play it myself for practice.

If you like metalcore look into At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul. Its Blackened Death Metal but you'll really hear where they've influenced a lot of modern metal and metalcore. Know your roots, metalcore is too unoriginal, go thrash or early 90's Death Metal
ok u guys havent seen my other threads i've been playing for several years and now i'm finnally ready to get into the metalcore genre
any suggestions?
yeah thats what i hear. so do all those bands have tabs on here or will i have to learn by ear?