This is a crappy recording of a song i wrote for my band, bass and drums will be added later.

i'm more focused on the fact that it's not boring and everything sounds okay.

there are several timing issues, and an extra beat in the first chorus and a fluke chord at 4:21 lol. i was tired, but like i said i'm more concerned about the entertainment factor.

as always, crit for crit

its the first song on:
Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest.
I'm really digging the tone. Very nice.
Soothy voice too. Could use a bit more volume though.
1:53 was a cool little change from the rest of it.
You're one of the better singers I've heard on UG
The "id be lost without your love" line is sung a little akward. Idk if it was just slightly out of time, but it felt odd.
I didn't really care for the bridge. There was some buzz on the building up phrase.

Overall it sounds great so far. I'm sure with more instruments, and some vocal harmonies it'll be a great song.

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Sounds pretty good, you need to add some more to really grab the listeners attention though, i really like the chord progression