i only have $100 to spend on recording software and im wondering what are some good programs out there for recording mic'd and straight guitar into system along with good volcals and the ablilty to mix and master recordings. simplicity is best for me since im a beginner when it comes to recording software.
sonar 7 is nice and it sells for $99.99 i believe. very solid software
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[quote="'[BurnTheDusk"]']Audacity is.
Audacity is crap, though. Decent wav editor and fine for recording tracks, but nothing else.

I also recommend Sonar and Reaper.

Here's links to try both:


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reaper is free and does all those things, easy to use and excellent.

Reaper is NOT free, it is SHAREWARE. But you can get a NON-COMMERCIAL license from them for only $60. It is great!