This is my first song to write (that I've actually taken seriously). Its still a work in progress but I'd like some crit on it.
The style is kind of happy acoustic, i guess(I've got chords worked out). Though the song is about needing to move on with your life when you still love a girl, even though that girl doesn't treat you all that well, and you feel like you're the person to blame.

Verse 1

I've spent so much time talking about love,
talking about the way i think that things should be.
And if jealousy were an issue, I'd make front page for sure,
I just want things to be the way they were.

Please, don't look at me that way
I've got one last price that I'm willing to pay
Please, don't ask me to stay
There's a gun on the table, waiting to blow me away.

Verse 2
No I'm not the kind of guy to point fingers,
but if I was then they'd be pointed straight at me.
Oh God, I feel like something's got to give,
I just don't think this is how to live.

Verse 3
She says she's not the kind of girl to wait on me
that's the first thing that she's said that I believe
You know, I'm happy with the things that won't be the way they were
just don't want things to be this way with her

Please don't talk to me that way
You know I love you like the sunrise loves when night turns day
Please, don't ask me to stay
There's a wind in my ear, "now blow me away"

sounds good but a bit short

a solo or instrumental maybe