This is our new song. It's not finished yet but we'd like to have some advice what we should change/improve.
Recording quality is bad again, sorry and still no vocals

I appreciate any help and ofcourse c4c ,song is in profile called Remo
This is not really my kind of music, but I liked it. The riffs were somewhat simple, but good, especially the main riff. Yeah, the recording quality sucked The drums were very loud, the guitar and bass were hardly audible. I can imagine this song gets much more interesting with vocals, though. Just polish it a little, add vocals and it will be a good song
Pretty hard to get an idea of the song with such a terrible sound.
At least, I can hear that bass, drums and guitar are together, that's a start.
But honestly, to get a constructive crit, you should definitly find a way to better record yourselves.