I know, every person under the sun probably covers this solo, but I still wanted to post it. I covered Pink Floyd's "Time" solo, with a backing track from Gilmourish.com

It was recorded at 4:00am and I'm drunk, so I can't be arsed to make it perfect. I noticed a few screw ups in there. I recorded it on a borrowed Squier Bullet, so I had to boost the gain to get any sustain at all, the original solo isn't so distorted. I don't think it sounds too bad. I made the tone in my Line 6 TonePort GX(terrible, I know)

Let me know what you guys think, the song is in my profile.

I need bed. Lol. Time to sleep away the drink.

Thanks all.
distortions cool, but your bends are awkward, theres no vibrato, and your timing is off. it sound nervous.
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