i have some pics of my last project, im in need of help with the bridge and tailpiece. switched from a 24 fret to a 21 fret neck, compensated with the bridge, had to file the tune-o-matic. is there anyway i can keep my strings from snapping while still using my "string thru" system?


im wondering what i should do. i have two or 3 options i can think of. the action is perfect, but the bridge is filed down so the strings snap here and there.

heres what i was thinking

add this and "wax down" the bridge

or this and just re do everything

either that or just wax down the bridge and hope for the best, the strings touch at such odd angles on the "string thru" side of the tune-o-matic as shown here.


its odd because the stude for the tune-o-matic are directly into this cheap wood guitar, no metal casing between it and the body.
Hmmmm steep angle! Would roller saddles be a solution? Schaller do them and maybe Wilkinson, too.
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i would say yes, but the old neck was a flat, and the new is a compound radius. like switching a 24 fret ibanez with a 21 fret fender neck. i had to file down the bridge to count for that
The fender style bridge would make it easier to adjust for the radius of your new neck. But you would need to change the neck angle to be able to use it or shim the bridge alot to sit up higher, and would have to drill new holes for the string thru ferrules. The stop piece would work but obviously would involve drilling new holes, you would want it to sit further back from the bridge probably than the existing string thru. Not sure if a different TOM bridge would help as its the extreme angle causing problems. May be better off putting the original neck back on and use the new neck for a different project.
That appears to be a real, quality TOM bridge. A crappy epiphone one might prevent the strings from hitting the body of the bridge, as they're a little more narrow. It won't help your steep angle, though, so you will probably still snap strings at the saddles. Honestly, your best option is to move the string throughs as far back as you moved the TOM.

Edit: Here's a diagram if that didn't make sense:
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my only objection to adding in a new stop tailpiece is sustain.
isnt the string thru the best sustain you can get? or is it really not that noticeable.
a simple compression/sustainer pedal could fix that i guess.

any comments?
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