Hey Im wes I have been self teaching acoustic guitar for 6 - 8 months ...
I learn music very hap hazzard and started with basic chords and turned that into simple songs moved on to barre chords and some figerpick technique. im alien to theory scales chord names (altough i can play a fair bit) here is a list of stuff i can play to give u an idea of my level. after reading this any suggestions on particular songs 2 learn or things that generally improve me in general would be much appreciated. so thanks Wes.

nany sinatra bang bang
jack jhonson sittin waitin wishin/ banana pancakes
Jhon mayer Heart of life
Kansas dust in the wind
oasis stand by me , shes electric, half the world away
weezer say it aint so
arctic monkeys when the sun goes down , riot van , fleourescent adolescentm , mardy bum
Iron and wine- such great heights, cinder and smoke, naked as we came, boy with a coin.... i can play more but thes are what i can play in ther entirety . so again song suggestions etc i will love u forever x
That's a pretty eclectic mix. You might enjoy different styles/genres, like classical, or click the link in my sig.

Hmmm...Nancy Sinatra was your first on the list. She and Frank had a duet called "Something Stupid", which had a strong flamenco/spanish-type feel.
Bluegrass Rocks


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