I see alot of people talking about fills or fill ins!

What exactly does this mean?
And how do you use it?
Is there any guide : D?


21 seconds = Keyboard and bass fill

Start of Bass and Keyboard 'Dual'
1 min 20 = bass fill
1 min 23 = Keyboard/Choir
1 min 27 - bass fill (slides)

1 min 35 = bass fill

Probably aren't the best examples though.
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A fill is usually on the last 2 beats, but can be at any length you want them to be, they're put in to add some flair to the song and are usually quick and unique to themselves (as in they wont be used again in the song, and the next fill would be a different riff completely). They're sorta like mini-solos, and just have fun with em throughout a song.

this song is filled with them.
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