My peavy bandit 112 broke a while back and i got something done to the speaker and i dont think it's been put back on properly. So everytime i play a palm muter open, the amp just shakes like mad. If i play this and push the speaker forward its perfect. I've tightened the screws and still it shakes... Any ideas?

Chances are the nuts mounting the speaker were not tightened the same amount and/or 1 was tightened all the way before another was tightened. Putting a speaker in like that can cause the frame to warp slightly and then it shakes or buzzes. Loosen the speaker and then tighten the nuts 1 or 2 turns at a time and keep working your way around the speaker. This should put a more even pressure on the speaker and should help the shaking. It's also a good idea to make sure you baffle board isn't loose.
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Speaker wasnt mounted on a foam ring originally was it? Like draught excluder around the hole, then mounted to the wood?

Does sound like loose bolts, or appears to be tight but isn't actually holding the cage flat against the wood.
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