Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica. I'm planning on getting an electric soon, so thought as well to try and learn some song on the electric guitar ( tho I'm learning it on my acoustic cause i still don't have the electric )

Anyway, the first couple of power chords here


I never until now played power chords. So anyway. In a couple of days, practicing that proggresion of power chords slowly for about ~30 minutes a day sometimes more i managed to get from 20 bpm to 50-57 bpm of clean playing out of the 93 bpm. To me this looks kind of slow, but i don't know. Is this song still out of my level if it took so long to get up the bpm? ( I am presuming it's long )

Also again related to this part, i don't know, maybe my hand is weak, but after practicing that progression for say 15-20 minutes my fretting hand starts to hurt. Is this cause I'm playing power chords for the first time, also on an acoustic, so i have to apply more pressure to the strings ?

Also a little off topic. How does palm muting sound on an acoustic, so i know I'm doing it right? Because i watched several videos of acoustic palm muting and each sounds diffrent.
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If you just recently started, this song is perfect. It's fast enough that you'll have to put in a good bit of honest work to get it sounding right, but it's not crazy shredding stuff like MAB. I don't remember the solo being too hard, but for a beginner, it might be a bit much. Still, work on it. Trying out new stuff that's hard to do is the only way to improve.

As for acoustic guitars, this is even better. As I'm sure you've become painfully aware, you have to push down more because of higher action and you have to have perfect technique, or else it will sound terrible. Learning on an acoustic makes playing stuff on electric easier then I could possibly imagine.

Now, palm muting is hard to do without amplification. It can be, and it can be done quite well. On an acoustic, the technique is the same as on an electric guitar - simply rest the side of your hand over the strings just in front of the bridge (correct me if I'm wrong, someone.) If you press too hard, you won't get a sound. If you are doing it right, the notes will be more staccato (that means that they'll be cut short and sound 'punchier').

If you can, at some point, try the progression out on a well-set-up electric guitar. I can guarantee that it will be a lot easier to do. You'll get this down in maybe a week with good practice. Just don't go faster then you can play it cleanly and correctly and you'll do fine.
Its not an easy song but its not a hard song so it a good place to start if your going to take guitar seriously
Easy song you should be able to pick it up, you'll have to practice that one bit of the solo but you should be fine
great song by the way i'm not a violent person but that one riff that they also play clean makes me wanna hit things