hey everyone
i have this typical beginner problem
i have been advised 2 learn scale but since learnd everything by myself i do not know and can't find any, sometimes i try 2 tap the prts i can't hit with my pic but that also sounds like crap since my tapping technique isnt xacly legandary

so so does anybody have some 'solo' tips or links to scales
i'd really appriciate it
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search up the 5 pentatonic patterns...mostly work on pattern one and maybe a blues scale and a natural minor/major
As well as learning basic scales, make sure you learn and practice solos slowly. Break them down into sections, and practice these sections slowly, with a metronome if you've got one, making sure they're in time and that you're playing the parts cleanly.

Also, look up specific exercises to help with aspects of your playing. So if you're having trouble with your picking, look up alternate picking patterns and exercises, if it's legato, find some legato exercises, etc.
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Beginner plus tapping should never go together as you practically no nothing about technique of the simplest so start simple

yeah i do have a litlle bit technique i know a bunch of songs its just when i get to the solosection i fail misserably
hmm im not a pro at the guitar and i almost making a year but try practice guitar technics such like bending, hammer-on, pull-offs,double stops, alternative picking.

At least i did that i got better my techs improved alot and then try soloing on some easy solos my first solo i learned was from the Queen song - Bohemian Rhapsody

You'll notice the difference just practice alot and don't worry about speed it comes with time and if you can (you should) practice with a metronome

Forgot learn pentatonic scale Minor/Major theyre fun
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