Hey all,

I'm back! I would have posted pictures a day earlier but I was busy working and ofcourse, playing, so I didn't get around to it until I got woken up this morning because a certain someone thought I had work when I had a day off ;<_<.

In any case, my final choice whent to the Ibanez EDB-555. Like Humanity said, it has a very deep, pleasent undertone and my god it just looks stunning (to me) and plays like a dream. The action is a little high at the moment, I didn't have the time to get it set up in the shop when I bought it as I had a train to catch, but I'll take care of that myself sometime later on.

The funny thing is, I wanted a nice, 35w ish practice amp with it. They ended up having nothing in stock along the lines of what I wanted, but then it turned out they had an Ashdown Five Fifteen for 250 euros =p. The bass turned out 50 euros cheaper than I expected (500), since I was pretty much on a status quo when it came to my budget I decided to buy the Five Fifteen. It sounds REALLY clean, like amazingly so. It does have a very bassy sound to it but it's quite tweakable. I've managed to get some really nice tones out of it and have already found ''my setting'' for it. I'm really happy with it, unfortunatly it weighs a ton and is 100w, but thank god for volume buttons.

Anyway, I'll stop talking and start posting pics. There a bit crappy as they were taken with my iPhone, and I haven't bothered taking pictures of the Ashdown amp as it's just a big black box. Enjoy!

I think this proves that the pictures on the Ibanez website do not do this bass justice. The wood is WAY darker, it almost looks like it's fully made of walnut instead of just a top (it's the same on the back). The center is ash for sure though, as it doesn't weigh a lot at all. The grain on the wood is amazing to look at, when I get a proper digital cam I'll showcase it a bit better.

Thanks for all the help you guys gave me in deciding what to buy!


P.S: Anyone know a song along the lines of Opeth's To bid you Farewell play? I really enjoy playing that song but I can't find anything accessible and good sounding along the likes of it.
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looks nice! Enjoy playing in the bass world.
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nice catch man! woah the output jack is in such a useful place.
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Welcome to the bass forum, read the rules and enjoy your stay.
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Welcome to the world of bass though!
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Grats mate, good job snagging your gear it looks great.

Try out The Drapery Falls and Bleak both also by Opeth. If you liked To Bid you Farewell then most of Opeths work should please you.

The Ending Credits song from Damnation should be nice, i dont know if theres a tab though i just learned it by ear after a long time.
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swift, glad you remembered me.

I very much enjoy that bass. it sounds great. I bet it was Ibby's response to the Warwick Corvette, it seems to be aimed at the same group of people.
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