I'd like to replace the saddle on my Alvarez rd-8, I just think it sounds kind of "dead"
But I need help finding a replacement saddle that will fit correctly and not mess up the intonation. And also I'd imagine this is pretty easy to do, just sand it until its the right height and pop it in?
Most shops in my area will do it for you for about $20. I had it done once and the cost of the saddle was almost the same as it was for tech to do all the filing for me.

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You can do it yourself if you buy a bone blank. They are about $2-5 each on e-bay. I would buy 2 or 3 if this is your first time making one. Cut it to length with a hack saw and then sand it to fit. Hold the old one up to it and draw a line with a pencil to get the shape right. Bone will sand fairly easily. If you replace the saddle with bone I would also replace the bridge pins with bone. It makes a big difference in tone. Brighter, clearer notes with longer sustain. Some people don't like the change but those people tend to like the wood bridge pins which tend to muffle the sound a bit.

I've made a new saddle many times for myself and friends. Not hard and if you don't have tools such as a orbital or belt sander can be a little time consuming but the end result is the same.

If you don't want to buy the blank go to your local pet store and buy a doggy bone and cut it with a band saw then shape to fit.

Using bone out of a roast or some piece of meat will require you to boil it for about 30 minutes to get the fat out of it first.