Recently my guitar fell flat on its face, and now there fret buzz on the D string from the first fret, so how do I fix it?
If its a bolt-on neck the fall may have loosened the screws. Sometimes just a tighten will correct it. Otherwise check out your good friend the SEARCHBAR to see about correcting fret buzz.
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you could check the nut. mine has a small crack under the A string and now it is buzzing. i gotta get that fixed sometime.
Might have bent the neck, adjust the truss rod, Google truss rod adjusting

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None of these worked, I adjusted the truss rod but that didn't do it, I raised the saddle and it helped a little and the tightening of the bolts helped it a little. The action for the D string is still extremely low and i can't do anything about it, anymore answers?
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Ain't raising the saddle how you change the action?

Yes, and if its still a little low, raise it more.

Edit: Just read that you cant do anything about it.
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