So I'm writing a kinda laid back, jazzy song. And it's going well so far except I've gotten to a point where I can't seem to find that just right chord to go further.

The part is a Bmaj9th for 4 bars and an Emaj7th for 4 bars, repeated, and then that's where the snag hits. Cant find the chord to go on.

A little help please?
C#min7 maybe could work? then to F#7

im not familiar with jazz theory/chords either
A6? or F#m?
Similar to the C#m7.. just slightly different sounding
There's a good chance that what I've written above is useless and if you take any of the advice it's your own fault.
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I like the C#m7. Went with C#m7, (rough time figuring this chord out) C#7#11omit3 on the 4th beat. Bmaj7th, Bmaj7sus4 on 4. Amaj7, Amaj7sus2 on 4 tied into the next measure.

Ha, thanks a lot for the help guys.