It was f*cking amaing!!!

The Answer opened and played pretty well despite the horrible sound due to not enough amp cabs

And then AC/DC was just amazing as usual even though they are all wayyyyyyy old now. I mean after Angus lost his hat and his hair got matted down he looked pretty old but they still rock hard.

Plus I dressed up like Angus and it was pretty fun.
Did they play mostly Black Ice stuff or was it older tunes?

I wanna go see them in October (they're my favorite band) but I'm not sure I want to pay 90 bucks just to hear the mediocrity of Black Ice on stage.
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They only played a couple songs off of Black Ice:

Rock N' Roll Train
Black Ice
War Machine
Anything Goes

I really don't like Anything Goes but all the others are pretty good
I saw the too in march :] I found the Answer actually really good :O
AC/DC was amazing of course :]

@Dudetheman: they play a few black ice songs, but they play mostly the old tunes, like Whole lotta rosie, tnt, highway to hell, back in black, thunderstruck, ...
Personally I didn't like Black Ice, I just went for the old songs :P
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