Will you look at this vocal cover I did of Pray for Plagues? I know many people dislike BMTH, and I don't mind because everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if there are some fans viewing this, can you tell me how I did? I haven't been screaming for that long and I would love some feedback. Also, if this isn't where I should post It, I'm sorry. :P

From what I've heard so far, It seems to be good, a few timing issues(very small though)
I think on a few parts aswell you were screaming in the wrong pitch (some parts where oli did low screams/growls you did high)
But I'm not a screaming expert, practise abit more I guess and Nailed it!

..........I like BMTH
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Thanks guys! For the fast replies and positive feedback. Yes, I do recall going into highs when he did lows to try and separate my voice from his. Some people said they couldn't hear me or depict my voice. But when I do my highs I just open up my windpipe and raise my voice as high as I can. I'm sorry I can't give much better advice than that, maybe when I'm a little more experienced I can explain better. Thanks again!