anyone have any experience with these? i bought one a few months ago and have been trying to get a decent sound out of it ever since (with no luck)

i use a les paul through really old laney pro-linebacker 65 reverb amp (solid state) and i thought this might be the problem but i'm not really sure. the thing is, the amp itself is ok but it does annoy me because you can't really switch between a pure clean sound and an overdriven sound without the volume getting messed up and adding loads of unity gain. it's complicated but basically it doesn't do what i want it to do so i have to dial in a near-clean tone on the amp and use pedals for overdrive.

the problem is that the boss od-2 that i bought seems to sound like crap no matter what i do. i spend hours getting a decent tone from the amp and then when i turn on the pedal, the tone completely changes and gets either muddy, muffled and indistinct, or thin and harsh and tinny. its has absolutely no balls either!

basically i want a bluesy, grungy hard rock kind of sound with warm and thick and full overdrive and this doesn't seem to work right now so can someone tell me how to fix the stupid thing and make it work or suggest me some new gear instead. ie amps/pedals
i don't know if this is true but i heard that solid states don't take pedals too well, so maybe that's the problem?
they take them well but it's probably the amp.. i'm not certain.
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I tried the OD-2 when I was looking for a lighter distortion pedal (ended up wit h the DS-1, which I have managed a nice tone from) and I hated it. I hate to say, but I have a feeling you will forever be unhappy with the OD-2. It is a very difficult pedal to get nice tone from, but something you could try is going to Youtube and finding demos of people using one, and try their settings.
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I like my OD-2, but then again, I haven't played much pedals and I only use it for slight overdrive for electric blues.

Oh, you want a heavy tone? That's a bit impossible, I've always noticed that it only drives very slightly. I always used it with an overdrive channel selected already, if I wanted that tone, but it was never very nice (this was with my SS amp, my tube amp is okay with it, but I haven't performed the bright cap mod yet).

And almost all SS amps sound ****e with almost any OD/DS pedal. It just turns into a squealing mess, from what I've seen and heard.
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I had an OD-2 and it sounded like crap on my solid state amp. I recently purchased a Crate tube amp and all of my pedals sound amazing on it.
A nice tube combo?
Bluesy, I'd say fender.
Idk about hard rock, maybe a Marshall or Orange.
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