...and I've come to the conclusion that the best military isn't neccessarially the coolest. I'm here with the United States, and have often found myself jealous of other countries. Take this for example.


I've seriously seen guys like this walking around. Most large bases contract these guys out to do our security. They carry Ak47's, or M4's that we've given them. These dudes chill out all day. That's their job. Sometimes they check your ID before you enter buildings to help combat domestic terrorism, but seriously, their entire task is to ****ing be cool. They usually have boomboxes setup around them, coolers full of drinks and snacks, and that sort of thing. Hell, I've seen the same 2 or 3 of them so often, I've become privy to two of their many secret handshakes. This is the pot smoker's army.


England has pulled all their troops out now, but I envied them. To ride in a Humvee when you're fighting for the states, you have to have your helmet, vest, a convoy set, and a retarded long checklist. These guys didn't even have armor. I have yet to see a british hummer with doors on it. They were about doing the job, and else not giving a ****. They used to be on the base I was at, and I'd talk to them in the chow hall. They're the absolute most gloriously sarcastic and cynical people on earth, and I love them for it. It's like an Army full of Randall from 'Clerks.' If you're a smartass, here's the arm for you.

Iraqi Army:

Br00t4L! has no better definition. I've seen these dudes do some right out disgusting things to a person. We used to send them into rooms and get people becaue they could use tactics our senators would discourage due to the flood of emails and messages they'd get from teary-eyed pseudopacifist pantywaste. These guys have accomplished what the US will never again have. A military free of political control. It's a wonderful thing. Iraqi controlled neighborhoods have all-time lows in crime.

The U.S. Army gets old on your second day of Basic Training. Oh well, at least I wasn't a Marine.
cool story bro.

Except there is no reason for any armuy except the Iraqi to be down there.
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I like Uganda.

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I don't know how to respond.

Was their a question about others opinions in there some where?
Or maybe you should stop pissing and moaning about being in the Army when you probably chose to join it. Its nobodys fault but your own that you didnt do your research before you joined.

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Cool post, but sort of disagree with the Iraqi one. The most brutal isn't exactly the best.
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Some guy on a guitar forum thinks our army is t3h l337! We gonna win!
They don't sleep anymore on the beach..
Whoa Whoa Whoa. Negativity much?

I was just commenting on how (from my experience) cool other armies were. What's with all the flaming?
Even though this was closed, it's stupid because it's full of lack of knowledge.

1) you described the Ugandans as having a job that requires little to no training and is in fact a bitch job, not doing anything cool.

2). I can ride in humvees without all that crap you just said and I'm an American. We also have no armor on our humvees. You're obviously in a standard leg or pog unit.

3). Brutal doesn't mean better. An animal is savage; a human is meticulate, precise, accurate, planned, deliberate, and fair. There is no reason to be jealous of the Iraq Army.

What unit are you in?
My God, it's full of stars!