Whats the difference between P90 pickups and humbuckers/single coils?

Ive played a few guitars with P90's in them and I just dont see much difference with them than reg. pups
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P-90s have a single coily dynamic response but a more humbucker-like tone. they are very versatile because of their inbetweeny sort of sound - the downside is that they can be microphonic, and because they are single coils, they hum.
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Aren't p90's the single coil gibson pickups? If I remember correct, they used P90's before they had humbuckers.

Technically they are single coil, but they have more wire in them than fender single coils, which makes them sound heavier.
They are, as stated, Gibsons first attack at the single coil. However, they sound very distinctive and frankly, awesome.

They fall somewhere in between single coils and hums, but are verymuch their own thing. When you combine one with a nice valve amp, the tone is beautiful. Love the twang and power combination, it's an amazing thing.
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They can be noisy b*stards of yokes, even on a pristinely clean amp. It's because there's so much wire all in the one coil, without another coil spun the other way to cancel hum. Can sound great for some stuff. Especially classic rock.

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+1 on what blompcube and kurapica are saying. i'd say they sound slightly closer to humbuckers than fender-style singles (certainly strat-style singles- a good tele bridge pickup will be closer in tone to a p90 than a strat pickup will); they sound warm and "wide" like humbuckers do, with a lot of power, but have a bit more growl and bite than humbuckers, a rawer, less smooth tone, with a bit more top end sparkle etc. like fender-style single coils. the precise tone will depend on the specs of the specific p90, you can get hotter ones which sound closer to humbuckers, and you can get lower output ones which will be a bit twangier.
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