i am looking for necks or bodies by fender from japanese, american, or mexican(no standard ones for mexican however). i am willing to pay as much as 200 for each part depending on condition, and weather or not its loaded or not. for the body it will need to have vintage style trem holes. as for the neck, it doesnt really matter as long as its maple. i am going to put in vintage tuners in to the neck anyways so loaded or not is no biggie. i also have all the electronics and hardware for the body so loaded is not a big deal there either. i am located in massachusetts so if any1 wants to do a local deal there, let me know. as for trades, i have a fender MIM strat neck with locking tuners as well as a fender 50's classic series telecaster body in blonde loaded. i need these items asap as i am looking to finish build before i go to college. color of the strat body doesnt really matter, but that doesnt mean ill accept anything. mostly looking t black arctic white or a sunburst.

Thank you.