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Voters: 30.
Summer Jam- really smooth. very melodic. I'm pretty sure I know who did this- you write many of your solo songs in similar ways. even though it was a great piece, because it was so obviously you, and didn't sound that different, I'm going with your opponent.

Once and a While- a really good piece. not a whole lot of looping going on, instead, a little melody that sounded like it was what would happen if Jack Johnson was a jazz bassist. it was good stuff.
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

Where have I heard Wolverine's awesome tone before? ; )

...gets my vote.
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I think that was the point...those are the most popular body styles, and TS wants to know which one UG thinks is coolest.zAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Wolverine's tone DO WANT!
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Wolverine's tone was great and the song sounded well done and thought out. Sabertooth's song was a bit boring and could have been much better.