I have been looking at Bassons for a while, but there is nowhere around here to try them out.
I have played a 412 in a store, and I loved it so much that I didn't stop playing for a straight hour.
I have never played a 410, but I don't know if it would suit my sound, but it is also over 100 bucks cheaper.
I play in a melodic/hardcore/metal band similar to The Ghost Inside, My Children My Bride, and For The Fallen Dreams. I like a lot of treble, little mid, and about 9 o'clock bass.
I love a ballsy sound, but I don't like the huge amounts of bass in Mesas.
Should I go with the Basson 412, 410, or just get a Marshall?
4x12. Hands down the 4x12....if you get a Marshall over a Basson, I will personally come and slap you.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Haha. That is basically the response I've been getting.
Almost word for word too! :]