Hi, i need to restring my guitar and am wondering weather it is worth changing the gauge.
I currently use D'addario's EXL120 .009-.042, but am thinking it may change to the 10's or maybe 11's.
Would this have much effect on tuning (i am 90% of the time in standard tuning)
Most people I know like the sound of bigger gauges better, but are wimps about playing them. I found that bigger strings don't go floppy as fast when down tuning.
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depends on your bridge. is it tremlo acessable, or is it just stright out fixed
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Its a tremlo bridge, which is another reason, i have restrung with 9s and the tremlo is really 'loose'
10's would be a lot tighter than 9's in E standard on a fixed bridge.
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i use ernie ball regular 10-46s. its what a lotta guitarists use such as Slipknot, Slash, John Petrucci, and many more to name a few.

ernie ball strings are great and have yet to let me down plus you get a lot for such a steal.
If you're using a tremolo style bridge then you will need to tighten the screws inside the back cavity of the guitar to add more tension to the springs in order to counteract the additional tension being added by the larger string gauge.

A larger string gauge won't really effect tuning that much but you will notice a difference in tone. Larger strings resonate more than smaller strings, thus producing a thicker, more full sounding tone.
Ok thankyou
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If you're going to look in to EB strings, might I suggest trying the new titanium coated strings? I've had a pair of those on my strat for 3 months now and the finish is just barely coming off. They don't sound like they're 3 month old strings either. I usually play anywhere from 1-2 hours a day minimum, if that helps you with how long they last. I'd say they're definitely worth it, unless you snap strings alot, since they're twice as much as a regular pack.
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