I need some soft music to go along with a presentation.. around 3 minutes.. any suggestions? It's a presentation on Mathematicians my friend made..
Define soft...
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1 band=1 great soft rock duo....Hall and Oates
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Metallica - The Unforgiven lol

Kings Of Leon - Closer
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mellow-techno... it'd be sweet.. have each slide of a presentation a different color, then put them out of order, and switch between them really fast to make a rave in the presentation room
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Lesson in Violence by Exodus. But replace violence with Mathematics.

I'll Teach you a lesson in mathematics you won't soon forget
The pleasure of watching you LEARN is what i'll get!

for what you believe to be right!
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Or learn a lesson in mathematics!
Les Jumeaux

St. Germain

Basically any French ambient/lounge. Damn, I forgot how much I love this music.
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Something off In Rainbows. It's classy.
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Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.

Sending a dummy to my God.
I Cum Blood?

But seriously. Any post-rock you can find would be great (especially since most doesn't have vocals to distract from your presentation).
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Ive got an awesome one as I did a presentation on the basics of trigonometric ratios for a little job a few weeks ago, here it is:

Hope you enjoy its a cracker!

Make sure you listen is freaking awesome music for what you want!
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The Postal Service
Death Cab for Cutie
City and Colour
Anthony Green

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Massive Attack.

all of these are great

also, Minotaur Shock, This Will Destroy You and some Aphex Twin (mainly SAW I)
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Ive got an awesome one as I did a presentation on the basics of trigonometric ratios for a little job a few weeks ago, here it is:


Hope you enjoy its a cracker!

(Invalid youtube)

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The Bad Touch- Bloodhound Gang
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Jamiroquai - Just Another Story.

It will be automatically awesome because the song is just funky as helll.