Hey everyone, I'm trying to sell my Rivera, cuz I'll be going to China at the beginning of the year, so the money's important now and i wouldn't use it over there anyway.. Otherwise i wouldn't sell it =) I also just equipped it with all JJ electronic tubes It has 2 channels(Channel 1 is the Marshall and Channel 2 is the Fender) The clean tones are amazing on this and when cranked gets that gritty AC/DC type of punch you can only get from tube. Amp is flawless . Comes with the foot pedal, which does have a minor, but simple issue... It needs a new switch soldered into it.. One can be purchased cheap here


no interest in trades at all? i'd be all over this if you'd be willing to trade for my classic 30 plus a hundred or a hundred and fifty bucks : /
i play noisy hardcore in the vein of coalesce interrupted by lots of isis-esque riffage and ambience, with a healthy dose of screamo dynamics ala funeral diner. it even sounds good sometimes!