Hello, if you're wondering, I've used the search function but couldn't find anything regarding my problem.
I am trying to write the chords to the song Hail! The White Grain from Death In June, but, well, I don't know how to.
I don't know if I've expressed the problem well enough, the fact is I want to write the song's lyrics, then write the chords above the lyrics, following them. Kinda like this tab, to give you an example (I think these are called chord diagrams? No idea):

Thanks in advance, and sorry if this problem has been already resolved by someone but I really couldn't find a guide for this or anything anywhere.
just type in the chord above the lyric part you want and it'll work.
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1 - it's a good idea to write your tabs in notepad and save the file.

2 - use a font from the list below. those fonts have equal spacing on all characters.

3 - use a blank like above the lyrics. use spaces to position the chord names where needed.

4 - select "chords" as the type of tab when you submit the tab.

5 - the chord diagram will automatically be displayed when you hover over the name.

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Oooh, ok, because when I clicked preview the chord names were black just like normal text so I thought it didn't work, thanks!