My tuning fork slipped off the bed the other day ,i picked it up and ws surprised to find it broken my bed isnt that high off the ground
anyway now im left with an I and a U . anyone know if i can repare it? like if i weild it back together would it still work ok? it ws a gift so id rather repare it if possible than get a new one

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Don't think they can be repaired to be honest mate.
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Move up to the 21st century and buy an electric tuner
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seeing that tuning forks are made to resonate at a specific pitch, changing their composition will render it useless at that pitch.
Yeah, they cannot be repaired. Sure, you could like get it put back together, but it would never be in tune again. Like the above poster said, just go out and buy a tuner. I'd say a tuner would be a lot more reliable anyways, and they're pretty sturdy too.
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