Does anyone know any Humbucker sized P-90's except for the gibson P94?
What's the sound diffrence between them and normal p-90's?
Seymour Duncan Phat Cat. Uses Alnico II magnets whereas the Gibson P-94 uses Alnico V magnets.
Seymoru Duncan P-Rails has a small P-90 and a rails type singlecoil pickup next to each other. The idea is they can be split so you have humbucker, P-90 and singlecoil tones in the same pickup, though it is a jack-of-all-trades pickup and own't replicate any of the three tones perfectly.
Bare Knuckle Pickups Mississippi Queen, can't tell you much about it because I'm not a fan of BKP's products, I just know that they A) exist and B) are very expensive.
There used to be the Swineshead SH90 which was the most P-90 sounding, but they just stopped making that and jacked their prices way up - still, if you're desperate for the absolute closest P-90 tone in humbucker housing, they might be worth getting in contact with still.

There's also the DiMarzio Bluesbucker, which is a regular humbucker but one coil is so under-wound all it's going is providing the hum-cancelling effect, essentially giving you one coil with a bar magnet that makes up all the tone, just like a P-90.

However, none of these pickups can produce a true P-90 tone. Just like humbuckers int he size of a single coil pickup will never produce the same tone as a full humbucker, the P-90s in the size of a humbucker simply aren't the right dimensions to cover the same string spread and thus give the same tone as a P-90. Additionally, proper old P-90s were made with Alnico III magnets while most modern P-90 replacements and humbucker-sized P-90s are made with Alnico V magnets.
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Is any one familiar with Kent Armstrong pickups?
There's a place near me that sells them,might check out the Retrofit.
Any experiences with them?