So i was lying on my couch and suddenly this song started to play in my head. I first heard the song when i was on Munich airport in germany waiting for my flight. I remember how well the song portrayed what i was feeling at the moment and i would really like to hear it again.

Only melodie that i can remember from the song is the chorus and I tried to figure out with my guitar. I think the chorus had the notes:A, D, Bm and E in that order.

the only lyrics i can remember were also from the chorus and they were (if i remember right after 6 months): "i love the way you look at me"

I love the way you-u look at me
A D, Bm E

The song was sung by some dude and the style was pretty simple rock(...garage), and really pretty straight forward, upbeat and happy.

I think it had a music video with orange?! background

I tried to find it from everywhere i even e mailed the airport, so please help me if you have any idea what is the song.
i love the---way you-u---look at---me