A song i recently made just looking for some crit

not sure if it is acctuly deathcore



.added new ending
New 197 (deathcore).zip
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AWESOME. Intro is just too sweet.

Nice transition, more melodic stuff now. Sounds killer and would work very well with vocals.

Back into the dreadful, doomier stuff at 25.

33 is a really good change up. Nice parts after this too.

The funky drum line at 41 doesn't work all that well in my opinion, but it does sound cool.


Should be a better transition into 53. Crazy stuff here though. It flows nicely back into the main riff.

Stock deathcore pinky usage.. lol. Meh. The layering at 77 is so awesome xD. Love that sound.

Ending isn't bad, but it should have faded out with that doomy main riff you have. Like a long, slow, draggy fade out would fit nicely.

Overall 8/10. As far as stockish deathcore goes, this is very creative. Some parts were generic, but it all worked well together and I really enjoyed it. C4C? Lolipop on the first page !
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Not bad. Some parts had an Atheist vibe to them, mainly the "main riff", not the egyptian/doom one, but the other main-ish riff. The harmony solo was absolute ****, not to sound rude, but I try to be true in my crits... Though if you like it you should keep it, I just thought it was bad >_<

Anyways. Another part I disliked was the ending, instead of fading out on a riff thats getting old, you should have a super sad/melodic/epic ending this song, from 5:32 to the end. One of the best outros ever IMO.

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Definitely don't know a lot about this type of music, but I'll do my best.

The intro was nice, I really like the diminished run at the end.

The next riff was very enjoyable, I like how it was a relatively simple riff, but the layering, coupled with the drums gave it a more musical feel. Very dreadful, but in a good way.

Next riff was even better, imo. The layering, again, at 21 was very tastefully done.

I really liked the harmonized solo, but turn the guitars down a bit, they're a little overpowering.

The transition to 53 was too jarring. Maybe play around with that section a bit.

The driving, syncopated beat at 57 with the fast run underneath sounded sick, but it kind of lost it at 59. If it was me, I'd keep it syncopated.

The fade out was a little cliche. I would definitely end it differently.

All in all that was a pretty sick tune. 9/10.

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i liked the vibe of the song. but some transitions could be better (like 24-25)
the tempochanges could be smoother, try that typical chug-chug.
but the solo was cool.
and the variation of the first riff as outro was ok.

the songs not bad.
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