HNPD, Clips pleash!!!
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Sums up whisky perfectly
clipzzzz NOW!!!
My Gig Rig...

Fender Straocaster or Gibson Les Paul Slash Special -->Lovepedal Amp 50 --> Boss DD-3 --> Crybaby(soon to be Wh10 reissue) --> Big Muff PI --> Boss DS-2 --> Marshall JCM 900

I have one also
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Dr. Scientist kicks major ass. is it any wonder they're Canadian?

HNPD, man!
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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first off, HNPD.

Second off, the box is damn near as cool as the pedal, if not cooler.
nice to see you around again, congrats on the new pedal. how much did it set you back?
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I sinned.

I traded for it. I usually only trade Boss, Zvex or Cheaper EHX pedals. This time, however, I traded my Frantone Peachfuzz. I'm already regretting trading it. I just have so much dirt and I'm digging the OD tones from my amps. I'm drowning in dirt. So, I've been wanting to try a Dr. Scientist.

I figure it was worth it. I'm not putting the Peachfuzz down. It's a very nice loud, thick, bass-heavy fuzz. If a used one, at a decent price, comes by. I would grab it again. I also have a Dano CC Fuzz.

I'll get a lot more use out of the Dr. than the Frantone.