New guitar player, been playing for 6-8 months I guess.

I'm learning Overdose by AC/DC, but I had some questions about the solo.

e -------------------------------------------------------------------|
b -------------------------------------------------------------------|
g -------------------------------------------------------------------|
D --7-9---------7---------7-9-7---6-7-6-4-6-4--2-------2-4-4-2-4-4---|
A -------------------------------------------------------------------|
E -------------------------------------------------------------------|


It's not noted that I should be playing this using hammer ons and pull offs.

Should I be just picking this stuff? Should I try mixing in some hammer ons and pull offs where I think it might make sense?

I guess I'm not too sure whether I should be picking or not here?
well, its not a good tab. the tab should tell you. but cuz it doesn't, do whatever sounds best.
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If you think a hammer on/pull off fits nicely in there, do it.
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Listen to the original and do what they do.
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Thanks. So personal preference is probably the way to go in this case... Thanks!
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Listen to the original and do what they do.

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Yeah that was my first idea but the reality is that I'm just not that skilled at hearing the difference (yet?). Still a super-noob.
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and TS, if the tab doesn't specifically say what to do then do what sounds best and is most comfortable.
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