will this suit classic rock, hard rock, death metal, metal basicallyand some blues
It won't be able to handle death metal on it's own. You may need an overdrive/distortion pedal in front of the amp for that stuff.

Anyway, what's your budget? We may be able to find amps more suited for you if we know your budget.
I am usually just lurking but I love this amp! Not a good choice for metal but it will do it somewhat competently.
*edit* with a good dist pedal that is..
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I own the Peavey Classic 30 and have to say it is a very good amp. The cleans are fantastic however there is not enough gain on the amp itself to push it into the metal genre. It will need a good Distortion pedal for that.

However, for classic rock it is perfect.
I love the Peavey Classic 30 it is an amazing amp and with the right pedals I think it could do what you need it to.
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I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure the Peavey Valveking has more gain on hand. Not enough for heavy metal, but you'll be able to keep more of the amp's tone, since you won't have to boost it as much with a pedal.

Don't quote me on that last sentence.
The VK will need alot of work to get metal, which you might not be willing to do...

My opinion is that you check out some Bugera amps.

EDIT: The Vypyr 60 is also a great amp, check it out.
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Maybe you should check out B-52?

Either way, no matter what anyone says, play it and if you want, buy it. Playing it being the emphasis here.
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