I have a a guitar with an DiMarzio Evolution in the neck and a ToneZone in the bridge. The ToneZone is a quality pickup with lots of definition but to my ears it sounds way tipped up on the bottom with a rolled off top end and a moderate output. I'd prefer a higher output to drive the preamp tubes harder and a more balanced-slightly tipped up treble sound. I really like the Evolution so I'd like to stay with DiMarzio. Will the X2N do what I want? Will the X2N clean up when I roll back the volume?
DP220-X is warmer and easier to control feedback and it is supposed to be almost the same p'up as the X2N only tweaked a bit. I found feedback and screechie over-brightness to be the X2ns biggest problems. However, with the right tube amp (and only a tube amp) and in the right guitar, it will blow the enamel off your teeth.
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