My teacher taught me to pick and then as soon as I pick to lightly rub the string with my thumb. That occasionally worked for me and I usually ended up with a note and a harmonic mixed together. I was playing around and discovered that I can actually get a better harmonic if I stroke up! Does anyone else do this?
I think you misunderstood you teacher. You should hang your thumb out so that as you pick, it touches the string a microsecond after you pick the note. It's all in one motion, and the fretted note should never sound.
Ohhhhhh, okay. Thanks!

I'm still wondering if anyone else does this.
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I've seen people hang their index finger out so that they can do a pinch harmonic on an upstroke, but it requires more movement, so you can't toss it out just whenever you want.
Yeah, just keep practising and you'll get it every now and then, and eventually you'll be able to play them on demand.
Pinch harmonics take a while to master, be patient.
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