Hi, tomorrow I plan to buy a vintage V100 and do a refinish.

The only thing is I don't know much about bindings and didn't know if it was possible to do a refinish without removing the binding.

If not does anyone know any guides on how to apply a binding.
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To refinish a guitar without removing the binding, just mask it. That is far easier said than done, though, because the small size of binding makes it difficult to flawlessly cover it; also factor in the amount of sanding and other tooling required in a refinish, and masking the binding becomes a less and less attractive solution.

For just about everything you need to know about removing and installing binding, look no further than this link page from StewMac.

Oh, and I can personally guarantee that this is not the only thing you don't know about the project. If this is your first refinish, you're in for a lot of work. Be prepared to take on a massive project that will test your skill, will, and patience, but in the end will be completely worth it!

Good luck, and please ask questions whenever you seek answers!

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